Why do you need to optimize Trustpilot reviews for your online business?

trustpilot review

To gain the trust of customers, in addition to optimizing your website and providing timely responses, the most important thing is to improve your website’s rating on third-party evaluation platforms, and usually, is the evaluation website that has the greatest impact. The reason is very simple. Because basically, Google search for the keyword “your website/company name + reviews (evaluation)”, Trustpilot always ranks first.

Imagine that your prospective customers see your advertisements and information on google Or Facebook or any other platform, enter your website and browse for a long time, find out your product performance, price, pictures, and the good promise of your website, just When he is going to take out his credit card to pay, what else will he do? The biggest possibility is that he will think: he has never bought anything on this website before, and he has never heard about this website from his friends, is it reliable? So he opened Google and searched for “your website + reviews”, and the result came to If he saw that your score was above 4 (out of 5), the top 10 reviews were all Said that your website has good service and good products, then he can safely return to your website to complete the order and sleep in peace. On the other hand, if your website’s evaluation score is not higher than 3.5, and the front row is full of bad reviews and scolding, then the result is sure to say goodbye to you, and there is a high probability that you will not return to your website again, and all the previous advertising investment will be hit. Floating.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain your independence and stand in Trustpilot’s evaluation, because this is the final step after going through untold hardships. It determines whether your early efforts can be converted into orders to the greatest extent, and whether it is worth spending more. Effort and effort to maintain.

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